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    Re: Upgrade time... Cell phones

    We have the ATT family plan. Recently, they began allowing us to purchase the phones at about 20/month rather than subsidizing the purchase price. We are saving about 100/mo on 4 phones (since we...
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    Re: Who are you as a photographer?

    I had a much longer post but my token expired and its gone!

    Anyway, Lori and I started film slr photog in the early 80s with a pentax k1000. We started digital point and shoot ~ 2001. I...
  3. Re: A Different Perspective on "Plagiarism" in Preaching

    As Rich said, take what you need and "make it your own". outline points or interesting biblical studies type stuff - like nuances on translation do not need to be referenced publicly though as...
  4. Re: A Different Perspective on "Plagiarism" in Preaching

    He probably experienced this story and it fits his personality.
    ... but if a speaker used a story as first person but didn't live it that would be a problem because he encourages his listeners to...
  5. Re: A Different Perspective on "Plagiarism" in Preaching

    I think that story might be in one of his books. With regard to this thread, I would assume that any stories in a book would be referenced and/or explained as to their origin. It would be a clear...
  6. Re: A Different Perspective on "Plagiarism" in Preaching

    I believe some/many of Tony Campolo's stories are not really original - it's very hard to tell the way he tells them. He's a great speaker but I'd rather he be a bit more explicit as to which story...
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    Re: What does your sanctuary look like?

    Here's Schenectady, NY CotN. Our last installation service - you might recognize the DS. When you see Coach Carr next, please send my regards.

    We no longer have the attendance chart on the left,...
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    Personal update My Daughter's Wedding and Naznet...

    It has been a little hectic here planning a wedding and with other details in my life. I haven't posted in months but have been following several of the threads (some are a bit contentious :)) . I...
  9. Nazarene Re: Have you had any experience with Freemasonry or any other oath-bound secret orders?

    We had to apply this paragraph at our church once. I member became involved in a new ministry and he was proclaimed "pastor" of that group. He has a hangup about titles. I think the principle...
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    Apple Re: Back to Snow Leopard


    Have you considered Maverick yet? It is apparently free, and works on many older macs. I'm thinking of upgrading our family's multiple macs but I'd like to see what I might be getting...
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    Feb. 16, 2014

    I'm filling in this next Sunday.

    The scriptures are Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Psalm 119:1-8 1 Corinthians 3:1-9 Matthew 5:21-37

    My early thoughts: there is an interesting pairing of Deut...
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    Nazarene Re: Church accounting software

    we have used NTS for probably > 7 years. Our recording secretary is retiring this year so we finally switched to NTS to track contributions. He had been keeping excel spreadsheets. Our counters...
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    Trivia Re: So what did you do on Thanksgiving?

    Spent the day with our extended family including my brother in law, john Reilly. We had a naznet meeting, got the picture with the sign but I didn't get in it even though I used an iPhone .

  14. Re: What music do you listen to when you are not at church?

    Erie canal song by Springsteen is great. Tomorrow I'll be driving along the canal at 65mph but I won't get all the way to buffalo.
    My current playlist includes a local guitarist, Scott Adams. Steve...
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    Autumn pictures from Upstate NY

    Lori and I hiked yesterday at a short trail around the Bozenkill Falls. This time of year there is not a lot of water running over the falls but the foliage was about peak.

    the ending "kill" is...
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    Re: Baptism - What is your take on it?

    Last Sunday we were studying Acts 1 in sunday school. In particular, v4 reminded me of this thread:

    Jesus seems to decrease the significance of the water. Hmmm. Yet the rest of the book of Acts...
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    Re: Lobster Fest after church

    And one of them is about to become a kitchen - I'm not sure how he really feels about that.

    Those prices sound pretty low. in most restaurants I have been in, decorating a dish with a bit of...
  18. Nazarene Re: Dr Fletcher Tink was at our church today !

    I think I have known Fletcher since I was about 4 yrs old. He came over from ENC to play trombone at our church (that's what I remember, anyway) and I'm pretty sure we had him over for dinner.
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    Re: Lobster Fest after church

    Our four students had a great time. We are considering making North Street a satellite campus of the Schenectady, NY CotN. We'll take our lobstah on dry ice, thank you!

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    Replacing pews with chairs

    Our church has had pews in the sanctuary for more than 50 yrs. No padding!

    We can see several advantages to replacing them with good chairs: flexibility, a better fit in the sanctuary (our...
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