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Thread: SF-601 Budget Exemption: Capital Stewardship Campaigns

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    Re: SF-601 Budget Exemption: Capital Stewardship Campaigns

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Rector View Post
    Pastor - Well, we can't actually do the renovations yet because we need to send more money to our regional university and we don't have it, so we'll have to borrow some from the money we raised for the renovations to pay the allocations on the money we raised for the renovations.
    Board - Didn't they just build a new $25 million chapel at the University?
    Pastor - Yes, well I know they just built a new $25 million chapel and a $10 million student center but they need it more than us.
    I wonder if this perspective isn't part of the issue. My connection to budgets is primarily ENC - an institution that's been an integral part of my life and family for longer than I've been alive. It's also tiny and perpetually struggling. I don't think they've built a building in 35 years. There's a general and universal sense that they really do need our money.

    I can imagine those congregations on a region where schools have been really successful with fundraising could feel differently.
    ...just my $.02.
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    Re: SF-601 Budget Exemption: Capital Stewardship Campaigns

    Manual Paragraph 38.1, Storehouse Tithing is an integral part of our constitution. It sets the only appropriate priority for local church spending. Any DS or district board who tells you otherwise is failing to support our core constitution. Additionally, any allocations outside local church are appropriately called "requests." They are not obligations. They are not "fair shares." They are "requests." Though the general church understands this concept, at least in their written documents, many districts do not seem to understand this concept. If you have any questions, refer to 38.1 for a clearly articulated priority.

    To see an example of how the general church refers to budget requests:
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