I just saw this movie at an event hosted by my Chas Schwab advisor (Chuck is a supporter).

I was impacted deeply by the movie and have thought about it all day today. I plan to get involved somehow, starting with a donation and moving on to participation. Many good organizations have partnered to make this happen, including World Vision.

You do need to see this movie; the courage and determination of these girls profiled will uplift and amaze you, plus, they are real, grounded stories. Also, it is not just for girls, it shows, where they exist - which is sadly not in all 9 cases, in fact, exist in only a few - the men in their lives who really love them, sacrifice for, and encourage them. Boys need good men to teach them, too.

Narrated throughout by Liam Neeson, with voices of Meryl Steep, Cate Blanchett and others for each story. Well done, superbly executed movie.