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For the life of me, I've not been able to understand why we have to choose either to protect unborn children (GOP) or born children (DEMS). This has played out so clearly in Olkahoma, for example, where the same GOP controlled legislature will pass very pro-birth resolutions then turn around and gut public education funding. Why can't we do both? (And this happens in reverse on the DEM side, strong support for Head Start programs and simultaneously rabid support for abortion). In both instances, it's maddeningly inconsistent.
Our education system is a mess and it's been proven that money will not fix it. It gets even worse as many are uncomfortably coming to the realization that higher education is performing quite badly when you look at the cost benefit ration. I fully agree that we should do both, but we seriously need to shelve the false notion that money will fix things.

Thankfully we have an innovator in the position of Secretary of Education, maybe, just maybe, she will be able to break the stranglehold of unionism and bring real competition and change to our failing system.