On Sundays we have worship services in 5 languages (including English) all at the same time. As you can imagine, this creates many challenges.

One thing we all have to contend with is the changing nature of the immigrant population. Our church is about 10 years old in its present form and each group is having to reinvent itself to be effective with the Gospel in this generation.

Some changes they are dealing with are:
Fewer immigrants
Aging congregation
Growing non-Christian influence
Higher standard of living issues
But, immigrant congregations are as much preservers of their cultural heritage (serious identity issues here) as they are worshiping communities.

The battle is between those born in their country of origin and those born here. It's a generational divide. The question is, will the aging-out generation create a desire for the incoming generation to take the lead and recreate a church that will be effective with the Gospel in their generation?

My point is, so are Caucasian congregations. Almost all of the issues that face immigrant congregations are faced by Caucasian congregations too. They are as much about preserving their cultural heritage as any other group out there. And the same decisions have to be made by our aging-out generation in regards to the incoming generation (or they won't come).

The chances that any of our congregations will still be a viable worshiping communities in 10 years are precariously small.

What qualities do you envision must be present in the church today to enable it to be a viable Gospel agent in 10 years?