Being retired, I need to withdraw some money each year from my Nazarene Fidelity account. So, on Wednesday I initiated the paper work. One thing I always do is take a look at the stock market to see how it is doing on the day of my withdrawal.

So I checked it out - it was basically flat, +20 points or so.

We filled out the paperwork and I went to the office here where we are staying right now to use their fax machine. The lady was busy, but she pointed me toward the machine and said I was welcome to use it.

I wasn't familiar with that particular machine, but it was straightforward enough so I sent the fax.

When I got home I looked at the stock market again - and while I was faxing, it was announced that a Special Prosecutor had been appointed to look into Russian interference in the election.

The Dow was down almost 500 points.

Bummer! It wasn't a big hit, but it was a hit to my numbers - a good time to buy, not a good time to sell.

Oh well, I thought, that's life.

But then, the withdrawal never appeared on my account - just a notice that they were awaiting my paperwork.

I waited a couple of days, called P&B, and was told that, no, they never received my paperwork.

My guess is that I put the pages in backwards and sent them blank pages.

So, I now have a do-over. I think I'll wait a few days and let the market settle down (it has already erased about a third of the losses).

So, aside from the pesky fact that many Christian's withdrawals on Wednesday got hit by the loss, I could almost get spiritual about it - how the Lord caused me to put those pages in wrong side front to save me some money.

If only I were a health and wealth preacher rather than a dyed in the wool Wesleyan I'd have a great sermon illustration.