The full title is "Upward, Outward, Inward - Passing the Baton of Discipleship" by Mitsuo Fukuda. As the title indicates, it is a book about discipleship. It's a very practical resource that teaches how to implement a strategy for grass-roots discipleship.

The author is a man at the forefront of the simple church movement in Japan. He applies the relational theme of Upward, Outward, and Inward (in that order) to each practice he introduces. Upward = relationship with God; Outward = relationship with the world; Inward = relationship with ourselves and with our friends.

The book is very short (136 pgs) and intentionally simple. As he states in the book, the baton has to be light in order for it to pass easily from one person to another. So, he purposely teaches the art of discipleship in a simplistic, easily reproducible way without leaving out essentials. This book is perfect for a lay person interested in easy to understand and easy to implement ideas for making disciples.

One more note about the book - it was originally written in Japanese for people familiar with Japanese culture. There are a few places in the book where I had to scratch my head for just a second to grasp what he was saying, but for the most part, that was a non-issue. Part of the beauty of these strategies is that they are universally relevant across every culture and every people group.